What’s the difference between synthetic and mink eyelashes | How do I know if my eyelashes are mink?

In this video, I will explain the difference between mink lashes and synthetic lashes. 

Essentially, the main difference lies in the cost and appearance of the lashes. What’s the difference? 

1.Different Material 

 (1)Mink lashes are made of real mink hair. The texture of mink hair is more luxurious, fluffy, and soft. Compared with synthetic lashes, mink lashes are more natural. 

(2)Synthetic lashes are made of high-quality synthetic materials, they are lighter and shinier than real mink lashes. 

2. About the Price 

Mink lashes are more expensive than synthetic lashes. 

3. 3D Effect Compared with synthetic lashes, the 3D effect of mink lashes is the best. 

4. The Burn Test Just use a lighter and burn the lashes. If the lashes become ashes, then they are real mink lashes. If the lashes smell like burnt plastic and don’t turn into ashes, then they are synthetic lashes. 

5. Safe and Healthy Mink lashes are made of mink fur, the safe raw material, without any worries about the allergy problem. It’s healthy for you to wear mink lashes. 

What are the similarities? 

1. They are both vegan free and cruelty-free 

2. They can be reused more than 25 + times if you take care of them properly.


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