Eco-Friendly Eyelash supplier | Made in New Plant Fiber Material


In this video, I will show you our new arrival eco-friendly lashes and detailed features, I hope it will help you choose eyelashes.

High Quality — All handmade craftsmanship with full eyelashes.

Eco- Friendly — Our lashes are eco-friendly, sustainable, vegan, cruelty-free.

Reusable — The lash band is also flexible and durable for wearing, can be used up to 25 times or more with proper care.

Easy and Comfortable — easy to apply and disassemble, extremely soft and comfortable.

About Price — Price is more affordable than mink lashes

Attractive Look — makes your eyes look bright and attractive, perfect for many occasions for parties or everyday use, making you like a movie star.

Delivery Time — In the Internet age, time is money, and in the Internet age, the winner takes all. Whoever seizes the time will gain business opportunities.

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Key Account Area

Key Account Area

We are focused on key account customers if you have a lashes brand or other beauty brands, please feel free to contact us, our key account team will support you.


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